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Empowering Lives Through Support Coordination

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Support coordination is like having a helpful guide by your side who understands the NDIS and can assist you in getting the right supports and services. At Hope Ability Services, we provide support coordination in a way that is easy to understand for individuals with disabilities. There are different types of support coordination:

Support Connection: This type of support coordination helps you understand your NDIS plan and how to use it. Our support coordinators will assist you in finding service providers, managing your budget, and using the NDIS portal effectively.

Support Coordination: With support coordination, our team will actively help you put your NDIS plan into action. They will work closely with you to create a detailed support plan, find suitable service providers, and coordinate the delivery of your supports. If any problems or challenges come up, they will be there to help you solve them.

Specialist Support Coordination: If you have more complex needs or face difficult situations, our specialist support coordinators are here to provide extra support. They have expertise in helping individuals with complex disabilities, mental health concerns, or challenging circumstances. They will offer intensive support, coordinate different services, and advocate for you to ensure you receive the best possible supports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals who have support coordination included in their NDIS plan are eligible for support coordination services. This is determined based on the level of support required to achieve their goals.

Support coordination provides assistance in understanding and implementing your NDIS plan, accessing appropriate supports, coordinating services, resolving issues, and maximizing the effectiveness of your plan.

Support coordination helps you identify the supports and services that align with your goals, connect with suitable providers, and navigate any challenges that may arise, ensuring your plan is effectively implemented.

Support connection focuses on building your capacity to understand and implement your NDIS plan, while support coordination provides more hands-on assistance in connecting with service providers and coordinating your supports.

To access support coordination, you can discuss your needs with your NDIS planner or contact Hope Ability Services to request support coordination services.

Support coordinator can help you access a wide range of supports, including therapies, personal care, housing assistance, employment services, social and recreational activities, and more, based on your individual needs.

A support coordinator can provide information about different service providers, help you research and evaluate options, assist in making contact, and support you in choosing the most suitable providers for your needs.

Yes, you have the choice and control to select a support coordinator who understands your needs and works well with you.

If you have any further questions or want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to us directly. We are here to support you on your NDIS journey.

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